Give to Heal – Holistic Healing for Trauma Survivors

Our Mission

Give To Heal

We are a 501 (c) 3 created by women, for women, offering holistic healing services to women impacted by trauma. We connect women without financial resources to the holistic services they need to heal.

About the Founders

Connie Doe & Ann Strickland

Ann and Connie started Give to Heal because they both have a deep desire to support women on their healing journeys.

Connie is a survivor of domestic abuse. During the abuse, she felt disconnected and broken. A good friend bought Connie a massage and she cried all the way through; she felt both emotional release and a sense of safety for the first time. Connie knew holistic healing was what her body and mind deeply needed to heal, yet she could not afford these services.

As Connie started to heal she studied the body and mind connection. She became a certified yoga instructor, Body Talk Practitioner, Licensed Reflexologist and TIMBo facilitator, she is also trained in EFT and HLN. Connie believes in the healing power of these somatic modalities and has experienced, firsthand, their transformative and rejuvenating power.

While Connie started her practice, mostly working with women, one thing was missing. There was often a financial barrier to holistic healthcare. She wanted to figure out a way to provide no-cost holistic services to women impacted by trauma.

Ann, with her experience as a leader in spiritual communities, musician, and yoga teacher, felt aligned with and inspired by Connie’s desire to help. They put their heads together and created a way to help women in the community access healing services.

Give to Heal was born because both Connie and Ann have a deep belief in the power of somatic therapies to support and empower women, and they believe optimum health and wellness is a human right.

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